Currently serving clients in Maryland only.

We provide Physical Therapy sessions to you in the convenience of your own home or office. Physical Therapists are your musculoskeletal movement specialists who provide guidance for improving your everyday life – whether or not you are currently experiencing pain or an injury.
Specific Services:

Movement Analysis
Have you taken a 3 month or 3 year hiatus from exercise and are worried you may develop an injury upon return? Let us assess your movements and technique for optimizing your fitness and health.

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Care/Incontinence
Do you know what it means to have core stability and a healthy pelvic floor? Whether you are currently pregnant, have recently given birth or it’s been years since having a child, we will assess any changes to your body to ensure proper function and coordination of your abdominals, breathing, and pelvic floor*.

Orthopedic Injuries
Does an old injury continue to bother you? We will evaluate your overall function – including movement, joint mobility, muscular balance, and strength – to return you to your desired level of activity.

Do you finish your work day with physical discomfort? Observing you in your actual work environment will help us troubleshoot postural solutions and help you to be more mindful of your everyday movement (or lack thereof).
Please inquire if you have any further questions about conditions we treat.

No Physician prescription is needed by us prior to your first appointment, as PT in the state of MD is considered Direct Access.  See pricing page for more details regarding insurance company requirements for out-of-network benefits.

* This does not replace your routine gynecological examination.